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The Conference of UK LMCs in May 2021 approved a motion requesting GPDF commission a review of GP representation.

A number of interviews and discussions have taken place to inform the structure of this review.

One key element is a consultation in which every GP regardless of setting can contribute their views on the issue of representation.

This consultation is being conducted on a confidential basis where the identity of the respondent will not be provided to anyone other that the research organisation administrating the consultation.

The devolved nature of representation and the healthcare system (England, Scotland, and Wales) is recognised and therefore it is intended that the results of this consultation will be reported on a nation basis.

Similarly, there is recognition of the different categories of GP, and results will be segmented by category.

Although the identity of the participants will not be recorded or shown in any report, it is essential to register individual participants in order that quality control processes can be incorporated.